Athemis is able to provide you with legal support with regard to professional and private areas for which the intervention of a lawyer is needed.

Our lawyers regularly bring issues before the authorities, and as barristers (trial attorneys in the USA), they represent you before civil, administrative and penal courts. Wherever possible, and before initiating proceedings, we attempt to begin by bringing the parties together and achieving conciliation, while respecting your interests. We can also intervene as mediators in the case of disputes.

Our lawyers intervene in all areas of law and for all types of litigation. We assign cases depending on their specific experience, so that each situation benefits from the advice of a specialist.


  • Contract law, notably tenancy contracts, labour and business contracts, and commercial law.
  • We handle prosecutions for debts and bankruptcies, composition moratoriums, debt recovery and company restructuring.
  • Land development and expropriation.
  • Criminal business law.
  • Arbitration and mediation.