Fiduciary services

Our team guarantees that your accounts will be well-managed and that its members will be fully conversant with your specific needs. Reactive in the case of urgent matters, we nevertheless constantly keep in sight the substantive work we carry out for you: keeping the accounts, handling time limits, respect for due dates. Well-mastered, solid accounting provides you with a clear financial vision of your activities, meaning you can take the right decisions at the right time.

We can handle payment transactions, salaries, co-ordinate with your insurance schemes and provide secretariat services, all in line with your requirements, and whether you are a commercial client or an individual.

Where needed, we can also provide you with support with regard to any kind of discussions or negotiation, notably with your lenders.


  • Accounting and closings.
  • Payment transactions and salary management.
  • Advice for structuring balance sheets.
  • Secretariat services